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For more than half a century now, we have been using steel wheels which pretty much served us for all our needs on the road. However, most of the new sports and luxury cars come equipped with alloy wheels, which have an aesthetic appearance and offer better performance than the steel wheels. The alloy esr sr01 wheels are more expensive as they are made up of aluminum and a combination of small traces of other types of metals. The result is a wheel that is supremely strong and light weight to give drivers excellent performance on the road. When purchasing the alloy esr wheels, you need to find a set that is compatible with your car model and fits well. Since alloy wheels are lighter, they have improved straight-line performance and less effort is required to get them rolling. Apart from better handling, most people realize that the brake mechanism is perfect and lasts longer. Generally, alloy wheels are a great purchase as they increase the vehicle value and their durability is guaranteed, thus, making them a great investment.

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