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bc racing coilovers

Whether you are an occasional enthusiast, or you are a devoted and professional track competitor, bc racing coilovers and suspensions provide you easy handling of your vehicle. The systems are developed to give you a sporty ride while retaining excellent comfort when driving. A bc coilover shock is a shock absorber with multiple coil springs which are wrapped around the shock to support the weight of the car and to dampen the suspension so that the spring can be controlled.
The major benefit is that, the bc racing coilover shock can be dialed in and adjusted to provide superior working suspension in any given terrain. To get the best performance over the adjustment, you have to seek the services of an expert who has wide knowledge on the job. With a linked suspension, you can easily control the movement of your axle, thus giving you an edge over your competitors on the racing track. bc Racing coilovers give excellent performance since the task of locating the axle is separated from the task of controlling the axle’s movement and supporting its weight.

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